Our campaign will support working families, build strong and safe communities, and ensure every North Dakotan’s voice is heard by fighting against discrimination of any form.

Increase availability of quality daycare.

 Concerted coordinated cooperation needed for crime prevention.

 Budget priority is to prevent property tax increases.

Reclamation of land destroyed by oil development.

Citizens have a right to live a life free of discrimination.

Reasonable coverage for injured workers and volunteers under WSI.

Stop personal use of campaign money.

First Gubernatorial Debate of the General Election on 8/25/16

The Greater North Dakota Chamber held the first gubernatorial debate from 8/25/16. Marvin Nelson, Doug Burgum, and Marty Riske participated in questions dealing with property taxes, education, economy, and many other topics.


Second Gubernatorial Debate of the General Election on 10/3/16

Final Gubernatorial Debate of the General Election on 10/10/16


Running for governor of North Dakota is going to be an uphill battle.
Together, we can make a difference.

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Nelson for ND
PO Box 9613
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