Our campaign will support working families, build strong and safe communities, and ensure every North Dakotan’s voice is heard by fighting against discrimination of any form.

Increase availability of quality daycare.

 Concerted coordinated cooperation needed for crime prevention.

 Budget priority is to prevent property tax increases.

Reclamation of land destroyed by oil development.

Citizens have a right to live a life free of discrimination.

Reasonable coverage for injured workers and volunteers under WSI.

Stop personal use of campaign money.

First Gubernatorial Debate of the General Election on 8/25/16

The Greater North Dakota Chamber held the first gubernatorial debate from 8/25/16. Marvin Nelson, Doug Burgum, and Marty Riske participated in questions dealing with property taxes, education, economy, and many other topics.


Second Gubernatorial Debate of the General Election on 10/3/16

Final Gubernatorial Debate of the General Election on 10/10/16

Check it out!

10/10/16 Marvin Nelson interviews on KFGO

Marvin fights for the people of this state while Burgum wants charter schools to make public schools compete for funding, revisit corporate farming, and end Medicaid expansion. This interview is a MUST LISTEN!

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9/3/16 Grand Forks Herald in depth article on Marvin Nelson

"Everybody still thinks of a road and stuff as infrastructure," he said. "But the real infrastructure, when we all talk about diversifying the economy, is things like day care, health care, community services."

Nelson said the state is "pursuing a policy to kill the rural areas," pointing to a lack of services such as mental health services.

Despite all the forces that may be against Nelson, he's in the race to win. He recounted how the experience of a volunteer firefighter persuaded him to run for the state's top job.

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9/2/16 Running for Governor

Some talking points-

1. Marvin Nelson, Democratic candidate for governor of North Dakota, says he wants to see the millennial generation of residents have a better life. 

2. "One of the big differences between me and my opponent (Burgum) is he wants to get rid of the Medicaid expansion," he said. "With the cuts we made and if we get rid of Medicaid expansion, we pretty much end rural health care. The larger hospitals can cost share and do other things. The smaller hospitals, if they survive, all will be satellites of the big hospitals."

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9/2/16 Tom Davies "The Verdict" Column

It’s sad that people seem to vote only based on the “R” or “D” before a candidate’s name. I’d propose adding another letter to the ballot: “Q” for qualified. That might get rid of quite a few wannabes.

Marvin is qualified, is in this race for the people, not the moneyed interests and is the only candidate for governor — in my opinion — who’d earn the “Q” designation.

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Comedic satire with a serious message. Marvin Nelson stars in the first gubernatorial debate with "Doug Burgum."

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"Whereas a litany of Democrat talking points was anticipated, instead Mr. Nelson was armed with facts and figures, logic and reason that transcended party politics and which defied characterization as left or right."

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Why do you believe you would be a better Lt. Governor then Sanford?.. Listen to the interview for Joan's answer!

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"Cuts were daycare, homemaker services for senior citizens, treatment for opioid addiction, and Medicaid. Not cut were tax credits for real estate developers, for funds to invest in companies having nothing to do with North Dakota, for funding endowments, even new signs at the state capital."

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"Burgum just got millions of dollars in tax breaks and that doesn't get cut 4%"

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"I see where the Governor will trip over himself to speak to certain groups and tell them that the door is open, and then I see groups of North Dakotans huddled outside his door that he won't meet with, he won't listen to. I warned some of my supports, even, because when I campaign that I'm "North Dakota for all North Dakotans." I'll warn you I'll listen to you, but that doesn't mean that I won't listen to the others. I intend to listen to the others because I think we get the best public policies when we listen to people." #NDforALL #YourVoiceMatters

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Chamber Six Media did a 10 part interview with Marvin on 7/10/16

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Running for governor of North Dakota is going to be an uphill battle.
Together, we can make a difference.

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